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Timelessness of Traditions


In studies, scientists have concluded that traditions can boost our overall happiness even when we can’t see the connection. “Whatever the ritual is, and however small it may seem, it helps people to really get closer to one another,” says Ovul Sezer, Harvard Business School researcher. He adds, “…some rituals we don’t even know why we do them, but they still work.”

Perhaps the beauty of tradition is in the ritual that actually forces us to pause long enough to reflect; looking beyond ourselves and our own world to the world of others, to where we came from and ultimately who we are as people. Time and time again, we’ve seen how traditions have the ability to bring comfort and connect us in ways that bring us closer. Maybe you’ve realized this lately, but it seems the more thoroughly modern we become the more we yearn for connection with others.

At the Sazerac House, we’re wholly dedicated to the preservation of cocktail traditions and, frankly, a little obsessed with connecting the historical context, ingredients, and methods to traditional cocktails. In these moments, we find value and meaning, and an appreciation of the rich environments created for friends, laughter, relaxation, and delight. Simply put, we see traditions as something worth saving and savoring.

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Here’s to history that’s worth repeating

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