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Carnival season is a time of traditions. But when Mardi Gras was canceled in 2021, New Orleans had to get creative with how they celebrated. And more importantly, artists that make Mardi Gras so special were out of work at a time that they needed it most.

Krewe of Red Beans came up with a plan that would keep artists working, keep traditions going and keep the spirit of Mardi Gras alive. The solution? House floats. From porches to balconies, residents commissioned artists to decorate the front of their homes.

In partnership with Krewe of Red Beans, we commissioned a house float in the lobby of the Sazerac House. The float was designed and created by a team of local artists including Caroline Thomas, Dana Buehler, Sarah Bastacky, Ryan Blackwood, Ariel Troxclair, Lindsey DeBlieux and Joey Mercer. Then, we sat down with Krewe of Red Beans founder Devin De Wulf to talk about the history of house floats, his Mardi Gras tips and the most important question of all: why beans?

Visit the Sazerac House before 3/1 to see the house float for yourself.


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