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At one point or another, most of us have taken a nip or two from one, but have you ever considered how flasks came to be?

You’d have to wait until the 18th century for the curved flask we now call a “hip flask.” Designed to be carried snug against your hip or thigh, hip flasks were high-quality containers crafted from silver and glass, and immensely popular with the wet and wealthy upper crust.

Although, when Prohibition arrives what was once a prestige accessory quickly becomes a necessary accessory for America’s 13-year dry spell. To avoid penalty and confiscation, flasks were routinely hidden in objects like books, cameras and elsewhere. In fact, the word “hipster” was coined during this time for people who carried hip flasks, and “bootleggers” tucking them into a boot.

While not as direly necessary today, flasks remain…cool…rebellious…practical. Be it a ball game, a show, a parade, perhaps the second Saturday of Jazz Fest—where there’s a flask, there’s almost certainly a good flask story unfolding.

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